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Accounting is one of the most essential and integral parts of maintaining and keeping a successful business running. The area of finance is crucial to every venture, regardless of the field and industry in which they operate.

HCConsulting provides virtual accounting services with superb quality. The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

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Management Accounting

To assist the users of financial information to make well-informed business decisions.


Financial Accounting

To enable clients to control and save compliance costs with the purpose of external use of the statement.


Business Planning

To facilitate clients having an understandable view of the investment profitability in large-sized capital investment by taking account of the value of money, risk, and future cash flow.


Advisory On-Demand

To provide clients with interpretation and summarison of tax information, rules, determinations, and standard practice statement.

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“The best tax team I have worked with. HC Team was fast, efficient, had great communication, and got the job done to my liking and before the deadline. Loved working with HC Team, will hire again. Thank you!”

Jessica H.

Sole Trader

"HC Team is great to work with. They got the jobs done super-fast and accurately. I'd hire them again anytime when I have accounting or taxation issues. You can hire them with a high degree of confidence the job will get done accurately and on time."

Cory Z.

Small Business Owner

“HC Team helped me get up to speed on Xero and create a plan for me to manage my bookkeeping. They are super knowledgeable and great teachers - patient, flexible, and clear. Would highly recommend it."

Jackie M.

Investment Planner

Our Team

Save your time by choosing our professional team.

Fan Zhang, Head of HC Accounting Team, leads our compliance team and has exceptional attention to detail and a strong work ethic, qualities she instils in her team. As professional accountants, we’re dedicated to providing the very best services to a wide range of businesses. We pride ourselves on providing accurate accounts within agreed budgets and deadlines.

Our Team

Certification Dashboard

  • Fellow of ACCA
  • Registered Tax Accountant China
  • CPA Australia
  • CPA Canada and CPA BC
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • ICAEW Chartered Accountant

What We Do

Accounting Services – Management Accounting

  • Providing Clients with Services Including the Identification of, Measurement of, Analysis of, Interpretation of Financial Information
  • Standard Accounting Packages
  • Standard Taxation Packages: Tax Return
  • To Assist the Users of Financial Information to Make Well-Informed Business Decisions
  • Preparation of Quarter-End or/and Year-End Financial Reports with A Letter Highlighting Key Points
  • File Tax Return with Tax Planning and Reminder Letters
  • The Presentation of Financial Information for Internal Uses Primarily
  • The Interpretation of Financial Information Closely Meets the Specific Needs of End-Users

What We Do

Accounting Services – Financial Accounting

  • Providing Clients with Accounting Advisory or Assessment On the Adoption of NZ IFRS/IAS, i.e. NZ IFRS 9/15/16
  • Providing Clients with Regular Services in Terms of Recording, Posting, Summarizing, Reporting Transactions from Business Activities from The Perspective of Investing, Financing, And Operating
  • AR/AP/GL/FA/Bank Reconciliations/Payroll/Credit Control
  • To Enable Clients to Control and Save Compliance Cost with The Purpose of External Use of the Statement
  • To Help Clients to Present Consistent Information to Investors, Creditors, Regulators, And Tax Authorities
  • To Facilitate Clients Assessing and Implementing Complex Accounting and Reporting Changes
  • To Support Clients to Address Key Financial Reporting and Accounting Needs Deriving from Changing Accounting and Regulatory Requirements, Capital Markets Transactions

What We Do

Accounting Services – Business Planning

  • Investment Feasibility Analysis
  • Investment Performance Measurement
  • Preparation of Forecast or Budget On Various Approaches, E.G. Rolling Forecast, Zero-Based Budget, Activity-Based Budget
  • The Assessment of the Adequacy of and The Appropriateness of Internal Control
  • To Facilitate Clients Having an Understandable View of the Investment Profitability in Large-Sized Capital Investment by Taking Account of Value of Money, Risk, And Future Cash Flow
  • To Provide Clients with Qualified Advisory Services On Improving Control Environment, Control Activities, And Monitoring Activities
  • To Assist Clients to Verify the Quality of a New Business or A New Capital Project from The Feasibility Study Stage Through Conduction to Post-Implementation Review Phase
  • To Recommend Clients with Practicable and Feasible Measurements to Enhance the Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness and The Quality of Communication and Information

What We Do

Accounting Services – Advisory On-Demand

  • Business Tax Updates and Changes
  • Accounting Module Training Applicable to Sap/Oracle/Xero
  • To Provide Clients with Interpretation and Summarison of Tax Information, Rules, Determinations, And Standard Practice Statement
  • Relieving Clients Time and Compliance Cost

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