EXIN Agile Scrum Master Free Practice Test

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Company X-AppGo is very interested in getting the benefits of both the ITIL® Framework and the Agile principles. They want to establish a disciplined service-based approach, while reducing lead team in releasing application enhancements and improvements to their customer base. Based on the above scenario, which would be the best processes to start integrating Agile into the ITIL® Framework?

A Scrum Team is supposed to deliver potentially shippable software at the end of each Sprint. During the last Sprint the Team did not deliver a potentially shippable increment. " Who is responsible for making sure this question asked?

A Scrum Master is teaching Agile estimation techniques using Story Points to a new team. A more experienced member of the team argues that: Is this true and what is the reason?

Your company has discovered that it takes more than high quality, low cost, and differentiation to excel. It also takes speed and flexibility. This calls for a different approach: you are aware that the current process is not delivering acceptable results. What would be the next activity after becoming aware?

How can pair programming help with adopting Agile?